End-users and Retail

SME and Retail
Nullify is an easy to use and accessible tool for smaller organizations who need to set up a professional service for migrating their own data carriers or to identify and erase hardware from clients. This turn-key solution can be installed in reduced spaces as a standalone or as part of a network.

Large Business and Public Organizations
To comply with the latest Data Protection Legislation the total process of all redundant data carriers needs to be well administrated to be auditable. Nullify allows to register all data carriers with their related data destruction method and to provide proof of the results. Related to the security level the data carrier registration can be set up in a complete closed environment or even container wise.

Providers of IT Infrastructure Services

Nullify is a practical tool for business handling used hardware or migrating workplaces, like: ITAD, System Integrators, and Distributors.

Bring your used hardware processing organization to the next level

  • Register hardware and data erasure at client sites
  • Use more various destruction solutions
  • No special training needed for operators
  • Easy to integrate
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