A new generation solution to process used hardware and data carriers.

A gateway which allows to use various data destruction solutions.

Nullify is a mobile and convenient tool you can use everywhere.

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Nullfiy Tools

Nullify Box

  • Register and audit used hardware
  • Identify all data carriers and erase data
  • Report

Nullify App

  • Register additional hardware
  • Add photos and extra information to items
  • Capture the location

Nullify Enterprise Server

  • Store data of assets, reports and certificates
  • Enable customized output or specific interfaces
  • Access to value adding features, like unalterable prove of data elimination
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  • Register all used data carriers
  • Produce requested details and overviews by simple queries
  • Submit unbiased evidence of any erasure operation through NECV (Nullify Erasure Certificate Validation)

Gateway function

  • Nullify includes its own data erasure software, but allows to switch to 3rd party erasure software when needed
  • Nullify collects data from multiple sources: other Nullify boxes, other software, and other data destruction solutions
  • Several methods to access the collected data, like: direct download, Nullify Enterprise Server, back-end interface

Reduce risk

  • Limit human errors: turnkey, user-friendly, simple customized operator interface
  • Set up a complete and seamless process to trace and to erase data of all redundant data carriers
  • Avoid transport and storage of used hardware containing data
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Mobile and Practical

Mobile and small, can be used in reduced spaces, as standalone or as part of an industrial process.

Increase efficiency and mobility, tool up operators with small mobile devices to process used hardware.

Erase data immediately on its latest location when you replace a data carrier.

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